Headshot of Sierra Karst, Hurrdat Marketing and Local Search Fuel team member

Sierra Karst

Sierra Karst is a Search Engine Optimization Strategist at Hurrdat Marketing in Omaha, NE. She serves as the primary SEO monitoring and optimizing the Local Search Fuel and Hurrdat Marketing websites. Utilizing skills from her previous role as a Content Strategist at Hurrdat, she occasionally writes SEO-focused blogs for both brands. Sierra’s passions for content creation and data analysis stem from a lifelong love of reading, writing, and the sciences. She earned a Bachelor of Journalism from UNL with informal specializations in data reporting, drone videography, and long-form writing. Before joining Hurrdat, Sierra worked as an Omaha World Herald reporter, non-profit digital marketing intern, and a landscaper. She continues to nurture an interest in the sciences by getting involved with the local food movement and prairie restorations in Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa. In her free time, you’ll find her reading, cooking, playing volleyball, or spending time with her partner and two cats. 

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