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Commonly Asked Questions

What Happens After the Website Is Built?

We give you the keys to the castle, along with the training and tools needed to manage your website and leverage your online presence for your small business’ success. You won’t be alone, though. We will be there to assist you in accomplishing your online goals.

What Happens After the First Year?

You can easily renew your account to continue support for your small business website and local SEO services. If we built your website and you continue with local SEO services, your price will drop to that service level.

Why Do I Need a Maintenance Plan?

Google and other search directories are continually changing, so your SEO strategy should change with them. A maintenance plan can help your business make necessary adjustments to your local search optimization.

What If I Have Multiple Locations?

If you want to add an additional location to your service plan, you can do so for a discounted rate of $250/mo!

What Is the Difference Between SEO & LSO?

LSO is a more focused discipline of SEO. SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) is the practice of using content, listing details, website strength, and other factors to increase your chances of being found on search engine result pages. LSO (or Local Search Optimization) is SEO that is tailored to local search results. Local SEO includes practices like optimizing your business’ listings and website to appear in local search results on Google Map Packs and Google Maps.

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