How to Change Your Business Address in Google Business Profile

by | Last updated Nov 13, 2023

Want customers to find you at your new location’s address? Update your business address on Google Business Profile (originally named Google My Business) with our guide below.

How to Change Your Business Address on Google

  1. Sign into your Google Business Profile account
  2. Select the Google Apps grid icon on the top right
  3. Click the “Google Business” icon* to view your business on search results
  4. Choose the “Edit Profile” icon below “Your business on Google”
  5. Under the “Location” tab, click the pencil icon next to your listed address
  6. Enter your new business address, including the street address, city, state, and zip code
  7. Use the map to drop a more exact pin placement
  8. Click “Save”

*Note: If you manage multiple locations, pick the correct location in Google Business Profile Manger during step 3. Each location’s address has to be changed individually.

What to Expect After Editing Your Google Business Profile Address

You may have to wait up to three days for your edits to show up in search results and on Google Maps. Thankfully, Google Maps will show pins for both your old and new address until the update is permanent.

Also, remember to change your address across common local business directories like Apple Maps, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, Yext, and even your website. If you don’t update your business address across all online platforms, your information will be inconsistent across the web, potentially hurting your chances to appear in local search results.

Why You Should Update Your Business Address Online

Here are reasons why you should update your business address on Google Business Profile:

  • Users searching within your service area will find you online
  • When customers arrive at your location without issue, they have trust in your business before they enter
  • Accurate pin drops send customers directly to your front door instead of the side or rear of your building
  • A complete Google Business Profile displays professionalism and effort that may help users choose your brand over a competitor
  • Google is more likely to show businesses with consistent, accurate information in search results and Map Packs
  • You’ll have control of your published information, so Google won’t have to estimate your address or rely on user edits


How Long Does It Take for Google Maps to Update My Business’ Location?

It can take Google up to three days to publish your business’ updated address. But while you’re waiting, Google Maps shows pins for your old and new addresses until the update is permanent.

Will I Lose My Google Reviews If My Business Address Changes on Google Maps?

In most cases, your Google reviews will be transferred to your new business address in Google Maps. Businesses heavily tied to their location—like golf courses, scenic locales, and hotels—may be an exception to this rule. Contact the Google Business Profile Help Center if you have questions.

Does Changing My Google Business Address Hurt SEO?

Changing your Google business address should only harm your SEO efforts if you fail to update your name, address, and phone number (NAP) across all your online listings.

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