5 Tips for Getting More Photos on Your Google Business Listing

by | Last updated Sep 20, 2023

Want to see more customer interaction with your Google Business Profile listing? Add more photos! By adding photos, your business listing could see a 42% increase in clicks for directions on Google Maps and 35% more clicks to your business website. Here are few easy ways you can add more photos to your Google local listing (formerly Google My Business).

Upload Photos from Social Media

Chances are your business has some sort of social media account that you and your customers may already be uploading photos to. Instead of letting those images live on their own, take your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram photos and add some of the best options to your Google Business Profile listing. By utilizing more “everyday” photos instead of relying solely on professional shots, you can show potential customers what your business looks like from the perspective of customers.

Encourage Customers to Share Photos with Reviews

If your customers are leaving online reviews for your business, encourage them to include photos. This is a great option for businesses like restaurants and boutiques where customers can take a photo of a product you offer. Not only does this provide you with user-generated photo content for your Google Business Profile listing, but it can also help potential customers get a better idea of what to expect when they visit.

Capitalize on Unique Photo Opportunities

Any time you host an event, launch a product, or move into a new office space, take pictures. That way, you have good photos to add to your Google listing. In fact, listings with more business-specific photos tend to appear in more direct and discovery searches, so take advantage of every photo opportunity you can find.

Host a Photo Contest

If there aren’t a ton of photos currently at your disposal, consider hosting a photo contest to get customers involved. Ask them to take photos of their favorite products or showcase a service they had done. Think of creative twists that apply specifically to your business and that could generate interesting photos for your Google Business Profile listing.

Post Photo Updates

For business owners looking to get more photos featured within their listing, add Photo Updates. Built into business listings on Google Maps, Photo Updates provide you with more space to not only add photos of your business, but to add copy alongside the photo (similar to a social post). Updates are a great way to showcase new items being offered, awards received, or just pictures of your business that show off what you do.

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