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A Beginner’s Guide to Google Posts

Jun 25, 2021

In 2017, Google Posts were released to all businesses that were verified on Google My Business, which allowed business owners to share content with their customers who find them through Google. With Posts, you can share things like company announcements, new products, or details about an event. But what exactly are Google Posts, and how can your business benefit from using them? Check out this guide to learn more!

What Are Google Posts?

Google Posts allows you to share messages and information with customers directly from a Google My Business profile. The content from a Google Post will appear in the local search panel on both regular Google searches and in Google Maps. Posts, which are free to use with a verified Google My Business account, typically disappear after seven days, with the exception of an event or offer post, which will be visible until the date of the event or offer.

Benefits of Using Google Posts

How can your small business benefit from sharing a Google Post? From directing traffic to certain webpages to reaching your local audience via shareable posts, here are some of the top benefits of creating a Google Post.

Direct People to Specific Landing Pages

When you create your Google Post, you can add buttons that allow you to direct traffic to specific pages of your website, such as the homepage. For example, if your Google Post mentions a special offer from your business, you can direct customers to an offer page with little effort and without ever having to spend money on buying ads.

Reach Local Audiences with Shareable Posts

Those who view your posts are able share it with their friends via email and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. If you write compelling Google Post content and engage with your audience, they may do just that! This sharing option gives you the opportunity to reach local audiences beyond those who have found your local business listing in Google search.

Engage with Your Audience

When posting through your Google My Business listing, you’re able to feature content that’s both timely and actionable, which makes it easier for you to engage directly with searchers. This makes it possible to promote different things like seasonal offers, new product launches, special promotions, emergency updates, or flash sales—all things your target audience may already be looking for and want to engage with.

Types of Google Posts

There are five different Google Posts that you can create within Google My Business:

  • Product: A product post is used to highlight a specific product that your business sells.
  • What’s New: This type of post is used to provide more information to your customers about what’s happening at your business.
  • Event: An event post is used to inform people about an upcoming event at your business.
  • Offer: Through offers, you can let people know about promotional sales occurring at your business.
  • Hours Update: This type of post is used to give customers information about your updated hours of operation or when your business will reopen after any temporary closures.

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