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Summary: TL;DR: Over 95% of small businesses are missing out on high-conversion features like products and services on Google Business Profile. By adding these, you can gain a competitive edge. Learn how to do it manually or automatically with Pointy. Also, discover how to add services using Google Services Editor. Optimization tips include adding high-quality images, descriptions, and URLs. Rearrange products and services for better visibility. You can list services as products to boost conversions. Improve your Google Business Profile with Local Search Fuel's optimization services. Don't miss out on maximizing your online presence!

More than 95% of small businesses aren’t using these high-conversion features in Google Business Profile—products and services. That means, if you’re a small- to medium-sized local business within the eligible categories, you could gain a competitive edge just by filling out these fields. Learn how to add products and services to your Google Business Profile by following these steps.

How to Add Products to Google Business Profile

Screenshot of Your business on Google panel for Google Search with red box around "Edit products" button

Not all businesses can add products to Google Business Profile. Restaurants, for example, need to use features like popular dishes or menu instead. You’ll know your business is eligible if you see the “Edit Products” button on Google search while logged into your Google Business Profile.

If that option doesn’t show up for you but businesses similar to yours are using this feature, you probably don’t have the right business categories selected. You’ll want to check your competitors’ categories and add the ones that are missing to your listing.

But if you do have the “Products” tab on Google, you can add them to your business listing in one of two ways—manually with product editor or automatically with Pointy. Here’s how to do both.

How to Add Products to Google Manually with Product Editor

Product Editor is available for most small- to medium-sized businesses. Products added with this method will show up in the “Products” tab.

Screenshot of Google Business Profile knowledge panel for Tiger Stripe Lawn Care with red box around products section

Here’s how to manually list products on Google:

  1. Sign into your Google Business Profile dashboard
  2. Select “See your profile” > “Edit products” > “Get started”
  3. Fill out the information for each field, including:
    • Product Name
    • Product Category
    • Product Price (optional)
    • Product Description (optional)
    • High-Quality Product Photos
    • Product Landing Page URL (optional)
  4. Select “Publish” to submit your listing
Bonus Tip: We recommend adding your most important/popular products last since the most recently updated product listings will show up at the top of the Product Catalog.

How to Add Products with Pointy

If you have a physical business location and a POS system with a UPC barcode scanner, using Google Pointy to automatically list your products could be the easier way. Products added with this method will show up under the “See What’s In Store” section.

Here’s how you get started with Pointy:

  1. Click “Get started” on Google Pointy
  2. Enter the following information:
    • Store Name
    • Business Email Address
    • Your Name
    • Business Phone Number
  3. Download the free Pointy app if your POS system is integrated. If you do not have an eligible POS system for the Pointy app, purchase the Pointy box and ship it to your store.
  4. Connect your POS system
    • Pointy app: If you’re eligible for the Pointy app, it will download directly into your POS system.
    • Pointy box: Follow the Pointy instruction manual to install with a USB scanner or other connection types.
  5. Scan your items as normal at checkout. Pointy will find and match the product images and names to add them to your Google Business Profile. No other data entry is needed.

How to Add Services to Google Business Profile

If your business doesn’t have products but instead has services, Google Services Editor is the feature for you. When this feature is filled out, your customers will see your services near the top of your Google Business Profile in search or on your Google Map Pack listing next to a blue checkmark with the text “Provides: [Service].”

Here’s the process for adding services to Google Business Profile:

  1. Sign into your Google Business Profile dashboard
  2. Select “See your profile” > “Edit services”
  3. Click “Add more services” or the service you’d like to edit
  4. Select Google’s suggested services or “Add custom service”
  5. Enter the following information about your services:
    • Service Name
    • Price
    • Service Description
  6. Click “Save”

Bonus Tip: If you use primary and secondary business categories, you can sort your services by category.

Google Business Profile Optimization Tips

Adding products and services to your Google Business Profile is just the first step. If you’re ready to use these local search features to their full potential, try out these beginner-friendly tactics recommended by Hurrdat Marketing’s Local Search Director, Alexi Wilt.

For Products

For products, Wilt’s first local SEO optimization tip is to include a high-quality image and description of the product/service so that customers don’t need to do more digging on your site.

“Second, add a product landing page URL to improve your conversion rate. This URL can take customers directly to the product purchase page or place to book the service.”

And lastly, Wilt recommends, “Only add products that are always in stock unless you have the time to add and remove products. It’s not a great customer experience if you have products posted that are out of stock.”

For Services

“My first tip for GBP services is to select the pre-populated services that Google offers you based on the categories you selected,” Wilt said. “Joy Hawkins showed that selecting these services can help with ranking for related keywords.”

Wilt added, “Another tip is to add a description. Go into detail about each service so that customers can have a good idea of what you offer without having to visit your website.”

Google Products & Services FAQs

What Products Can I List on Google Business Profile?

You can list any products or services on Google as long as they aren’t considered inappropriate under Google’s guidelines. Common products that businesses list include:

Menu items should be listed under the menu or popular dishes features rather than products.

How Can I Rearrange Products and Services on Google Business Profile?

You can arrange products manually on Google Business Profile by making small edits to the products you want to appear first. The last product you edit will be bumped up and listed first in products on your business listing.

To rearrange services on Google Business Profile, go into your listing and simply select “Edit Services.”

Just note that the order of your services will not impact whether they’re featured in search results.

What’s the Difference Between Google “Products” and Google “Product Posts?”

There’s no difference between Google Products and Product Posts—anymore. Product Posts were once offered on Google Business Profile, but were replaced by the new and improved “Products” feature.

If you added Product Posts in the past, your products section may have a “From Product Posts” tab, but these are just product listings that have been rolled over.

Can I List My Services as Products on Google?

Yes, you can list services as products on Google. In fact, we recommended that you do in order to double-promote your commodities and boost visibility and conversions. Here are more advantages to listing services as products on Google Business Profile:

  1. Services don’t show up as prominently on your business listing, but products have a devoted “See What’s In Store” or “Products” section.
  2. You’re giving your customers more info about services because you can add categories and photos.
  3. Unlike the services feature, products allow you to add a URL directly to its corresponding webpage, making conversions more likely.

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